Concert: R-Pac


Optreden / Concert
16-12-2017 van 13:00 tot 15:00
Entree: € 5,-


Huis Der Zotheid
Haringvliet 401

Connecting, moving, exploring R-Pac, which stands for Rotterdam Performing Arts Collective, is a new cultural initiative formed by the Dutch saxophonist Wietse Voermans and the English guitarist Adam Taylor. The concept grew from a dissatisfaction with a lack of artistic meaning and audience engagement within high art institutions, in particular the formal music performance structure.

As conservatory-trained improvising jazz/contemporary musicians, Wietse and Adam knew the power of improvisation in creating a tangible, profound experience for both performer and audience. It is this connection between performer and audience which inspires them. The overall goal is essentially the search for meaning in music and the meaning of music within society.

R-PAC aims to change the perception of free improvisation, away from a purely elitist, coded language into a cultural tool with which musicians can communicate, express and explore.

Come along and be part of it.

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R Pac