72Note : 72 experience of paper

72Note : 72 experience of paper

april 14, 2019 Media, Graphic and Interactive Uncategorized 0

Today I spoke Jeehyun Lee. Jeehyun is a Korean Designer who lives now in Rotterdam and she made a very nice dummy for illustrators, student, teachers and all paper fetish!

In the dummy called 72Note you will find 72 different paper sheets from all over the world. Some sheet have a matt finish, a rough finish and even a Honey Comb finish. Actually she collected 13 different paper finish with 5 different coatings. Even in material you can pick 10 different type like pulp, wood free, sugar cane, 100 PE, etc. Even the weigth and thickness of each sheet is specified.

Where to buy
You can buy the dummy 72Note in House Of Craziness in Rotterdam for just € 25,- Hurry up because they have at the moment only 5 72Note available at the moment.

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