More PR and collaboration

More PR and collaboration

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WeTechRotterdam published its first Rotterdam Tech Report today, with a detailed analysis of the city’s growing tech and startup ecosystem during the past year. In a comparative chapter with six other leader tech cities, Rotterdam is found to have a higher startup density (0.82 tech startups per capita) than tech giants London (0.76) and Berlin (0.64). The same statistic about Dublin (2.9), Paris (1.8), Amsterdam (1.07) and Copenhagen (0.9) indicates plenty of room for continued growth.

Hand-over of WeTechRotterdam tech report to Barbara Kathmann, Rotterdam’s alderman for Economy


The report focuses on Rotterdam’s available talent, entrepreneurship and investment potential. Beside comparative benchmarking, 16 stakeholders from local startups, scaleups and corporates were interviewed based on their perception on the ecosystem’s strengths and weaknesses. Tech talent was found, almost unanimously, to be the most lacking resource by far, vaguely followed by a lack of capital funds. The quantitative chapters on talent and investment support this sentiment. Yet, the immediate access to Erasmus University and TU Delft suggest that the city is not full exploiting its potential as a talent factory and magnet.


Aside from concrete hurdles spotted in the talent and capital department, Rotterdam’s stakeholders are full of optimism about the city’s past and future development. A consensus lies in needing to more effectively promote the things already revolving around tech in the city and continue to develop an agenda around the topics of technology, innovation, and Rotterdam as the city to be – now and in the coming five years!

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