Designers In Residence Programm

Designers In Residence Programm

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Just three more days to apply for our Designers In Residence Programm 2017

The Designers in Residence programme is a core part of the Dutch Design Month’s activity, and exists to provide established designers, across any discipline, with time and space away from their regular environment to reflect, research and consider new ways of developing their practice.

The programme is directed towards international designers of at least 50 years with proven experience and products in one of the in one of the four main themes of the Dutch Design Month:
– Object and Industrial
– Media, Graphic and Interactive
– Architecture, Interior and Landscape
– Human, Fashion and Textile
Language skills in Dutch, Italian, German or English are required.

Designer in Residence benefits ,
This year, the residence is sponsored by NAC and besides a residence the designer will also get a studio in Makerdam sponsored by SKAR Rotterdam to create their works. Visitors will be able to see the designers twice a day at work and interact with them during those allocated times slots each day. This opportunity will provide designers the time and space to focus and develop a project independently, with the help of the Dutch Design Month and its network of established practitioners. The Dutch Design Month aims to empower the selected designers, creating an infrastructure that balances support with self-sufficiency, enabling them to thrive in their own creative practices. Support within design, could be structural, spatial or social, from co-design, to service design, support is about a thorough understanding of the audience or user. The multi-disciplinary platform will unite designers by exploring topics of shared interest that relate to the theme.

Group exhibition
In addition, each residence holder will receive 250 euros to cover the travel costs. A special allowance can be made available for material costs. Once each designer has completed their residency of 24 days, they will collectively form a group showcase in House Of Craziness from 22, 23 and 24 december.

Designer In Residence 2017 form


Dutch Design Month 2017
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Haringvliet 401
NL 3011 ZP, Rotterdam
Phone +31 107514980

Please keep checking back on this page and on Twitter for information on when you can visit the studio and meet the designers.