13 december 2018

DONDERDAG 13 December

Vandaag kan je kiezen uit de volgende evenementen!

TAXATIE Design en Kunst

12:00-13:00 | 3011ZP.401 
Every thursday our appraiser Eric Tulling will appraise your design and art for free from 12:00 till 13:00.

OPEN STUDIO in vuur en vlam

12:00-15:00 | 3061KH.14c 
An open studio in a studio by a ceramist and a blacksmith.


17:00-18:00 | 3062CP.11 

Architect Frank Loer gives a tour of the construction site of the new 13 Special Office.


17:00-18:00 | 3011ZP.401 

We talk with Helly Scholten about the pros and cons of living in a tiny house.

DRINK & DRAW A House € 2,50

19:00-22:00 | 3027EB.24 
ism Art Drawing Center

LEZING Architectuur en ornithologie € 7,50

20:00-22:00 | 3015CB.25 ENGLISH 
door Jaap Bakema Study Centre.
Hadas Steiner gives a lecture on ecological thinking in architecture.