Week 2 (3-9 december)

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Week 2:
Media, Graphic and Interactive

MAANDAG 3 December


17:00-18:00 | 3011ZP.401 
Today we talk about accessible / inclusive design.

WORKSHOP Creative Concepting

13:30-14:30 | 3014JZ.23 
By Lisa van Noorden
Today you get an introduction in conceptdevelopment of brands and media.

DINSDAG 4 December


17:00-18:00 | 3011ZP.401
Today we talk about advertisement and Bjorn de Leeuw will talk about his Design lectures.

DRINK & DRAW A Human € 7,50

19:00-22:00 | 3011ZP.401

door Art Drawing Center
Learn how to draw a nude model during this class.

LEZING Kunst en Maatschappij € 5,00

20:00-21:00 | 3011ZP.401
door Bjorn de Leeuw
Every tuesday Bjorn gives an interesting lecture.

WOENSDAG 5 December


17:00-18:00 | 3011ZP.401
Today we talk about the Internet of Things. Can we escape?

DONDERDAG 6 December

OVERIGE Thingscon € 242,-

08:30-19:30 | 3089JR.59
At 6 and 7 december participants of Thingscon will learn more about the latest trends in technology.

TAXATIE Design en Kunst

12:00-13:00 | 3011ZP.401

Door Eric Tulling
Every thursday our appraiser Eric Tulling will appraise your design and art for free from 12:00 till 13:00.

WORKSHOP Build your own app

13:00-16:00 | 3011ZP.401
Door Wiard Vasen
Lean how to build you own app.


17:00-18:00 | 3011ZP.401
Today we talk how we can make a succesfull app and how we can make money with it.

DRINK & DRAW A Poster € 2,50

19:00-22:00 | 3027EB.24

ism Art Drawing Center


VRIJDAG 7 December


15:00-17:00 | 3011ZP.401
door Dutch Design Center
Every friday we invite the coolest employees with the best jobs so that you can meet them.


17:00-18:00 | 3011ZP.401
Today we talk about Game Design with Daniël Swaab from Escape Events, Dennis Merkx from Rielekst and Paul Bierhaus from YipYip.

DRINKS Friday Night Designers Drink

18:00-20:00 | 3011ZP.401
Participants only

ZATERDAG 8 December

OVERIGE Open Dag Industrieel Product Ontwerp

10:00-14:00 | 3015GG.4-6
Door Hogeschool Rotterdam.
With continuous information, demonstrations and training market.

KIDS Maak je eigen poster € 5,-

10:00-13:00 | 3011ZP.401
Door Int. Jeugd Film Festival Nederland.
Children design their own movie poster or book cover.

ZONDAG 9 December

TALKSHOW Goodmorning Rotterdam € 7,50

11:00-13:00 | 3011ZP.401
Brunch with talk show about eating the future. Today about dough and pasta!

TOUR Types, Fonts en Prints € 7,50

12:00-15:00 | 3011ZP.401
Cycle along a jungle of advertising.

FILM Special Effects € 7,50

19:00-22:00 | 3011ZP.401
Film evening about Special Effects